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McAllister Brewing Co. New Beer Labels with a Twist

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

By Seth Montz - July 24, 2022

McAllister Brewing Company (North Wales, PA) has created a new more uniform beer label design with something special one it!

McAllister created a new beer label to have that more uniform look. But don't worry! It's the same GREAT-tasting beer. There will be four original flavors canned in the new label style. The New England IPA, the Blood Orange Hazy IPA, the Peach Wit, and the Double IPA.

What makes this label a little more unique than the next brewery is the embedded QR Code... AND... an original NFT!!! That's right, a Non-Fungible Token! The NFT series is called the "Stank Ape Speak Easy". McAllister's Brewing Company is the first brewery to create its own NFT on the Cardano blockchain. That QR code will take you directly to the NFT's website:

The McAllister Brewing Co. was born from the love of three friends for craft beers and has grown from a small beginning to become the go-to brewery in North Wales, PA. Often referred to as the "best-kept secret" the brewery has a unique speakeasy feel where great beers are shared with good friends creating real memories!

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