No matter what your taste, we have a great variety of beers and seltzers in our premium selection. We use all-natural ingredients locally sourced to deliver that perfect flavor!

McAllister Brewery Bar

Current Labels

7.5% ABV | 50 IBU

16oz Can 4 Pack, 12oz Draft

You know “that” trusted friend who is willing to do ANYTHING for you, including removing any and all “questionable” items from your home upon your passing. Well, our New England IPA would be the beer that friend is drinking while doing what NEEDS to be done. Hazy, delicious, hoppy and trustworthy is what you should expect. Generously dry-hopped with Citra and Apollo.

Shovel Buddy
IPA - New England

Shovel Buddy IPA beer

5.2% ABV | IBU 33
SRM 17, 16 Ounces

Our Octoberfest is brewed in accordance with the Reinheistgebot German beer purity law of 1516.  Bring in the fall with the Amber, malty lager, hopped with Chinook, and Simcoe to add a piney American twist.

Marzen Oktoberfest

Marzen Oktoberfest

8% ABV 50 IBU

16oz 4pk, 12oz Draft

This flavorful hazy IPA was brewed for our friends in Blackthorn Rugby. Packed with a variety of hops including Citra, Centennial, Apollo, Cascade, and Amarillo, this beer is sure to quench that thirst for a tasty IPA after a match or just chilling with friends.

Blackthorn Double IPA
PA - Imperial / Double
Blackthorn Double IPA

6% ABV

32oz Crowler, 16oz Draft

This ain't your mama's iced tea! Easy drinking and smooth, your thirst will definitely be quenched with this hard lemon tea. Enjoy it plain jane or on the rocks.

Smokin' Jim's Chillin' Tea  Other

Smokin' Jim's Chillin' Tea

5.0% ABV

16oz Can 4 Pack, 16oz Draft

Delicious low-calorie rasberry hard seltzer.


MUSIC IS MY THERAPY! Inspired by Angelina Miele, Angelina's song honors her love for music and helping others by advocating for music therapies withing children's hospitals nationwide. 

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Angelina's Rockin' Rasberry
Spiked Seltzer


5% ABV | 25 IBU

16oz Can 4 Pack, 16oz Draft

Named for co-owner Seth’s childhood home of Schuylkill County and the coal mines that are prevalent there. Dark beer bursting with flavor, bitterness from coffee and bittersweet chocolate. Served on nitro, this beer has a silky, full mouthfeel and a thick tan head.

Skook Water
Stout - Oatmeal

Skook Water Stout - Oatmeal

5.2% ABV | 31 IBU

16oz Can 4 Pack, 16oz Draft

The beer that started it all… Created over a decade ago this beer is rich and a smooth drinker. This dark ale has hints of chocolate and subtle hop character.

First Love
Brown Ale - English

First Love Brown Ale beer

5.2% ABV 10 IBU

16oz Can 4 Pack, 16oz Draft

Movin' to the Country, gonna drink me a lot of peaches! Our deliciously refreshing Belgian wit is bursting with peach that finishes tart and sweet. Coming in at 5.2% abv, this beer is a great summer beer especially for all the peach lovers.

Movin' To the Country
Witbier- Belgian


7.4% ABV | 59 IBU

16oz Can 4 Pack, 12oz Draft

This heavily hopped hazy IPA is loaded with heaps of blood oranges to compliment the bitterness of the hops. Tart and refreshing...and you know what they say about hindsight...

IPA - New England

Hindsight IPA

4.2% ABV 34 IBU

16oz Can 4 Pack, 16oz Draft

Pale lager first brewed in 1842 in Bohemia. Crystal clear, with a malt forward taste that finishes with the noble hop bitterness of Saaz and Tettnanger. A great lawn mower beer!

Gras Mähen
Pilsner - German

Gras Mähen Pilsner

Retired Labels

5.5% ABV 12 IBU

16oz Can 4 Pack, 16oz Draft

This amber ale was brewed with historical ingredients to bring you back in time as if Perter Gerhart himself brewed this beer. Sticking with tradition and what was available at the time, this beer was made with molasses, spruce, rye, and malt to make a light-bodied, malt-forward beer.  

Ableman Ale
Historical Beer - Ale


4.5% ABV 50 IBU

16oz Can 4 Pack, 16oz Draft

Life is a long and winding journey with ups and downs, and twists and turns. This session IPA was brewed for our friends Dan and Maria to celebrate their journeys coming together. Generously hopped with Motueka, Falconer's Flight and Idaho #7 then double dry-hopped with Citra and Apollo, this beer has a deep citrusy hop taste and aroma that finishes refreshingly juicy with a nice hop bitterness to accent the crispness of the beer.

Crooked Journey
IPA - Session


6% ABV | 30 IBU

16oz Can, 16oz 4pk

A traditional German Lager brewed to be enjoyed in the Spring. Lagered for 3 months, this bright, clean, malt forward Lager is brewed with traditional German Haullertau Blanc and Haullertauer Mittelfrueh hops then dry-hopped with Columbus hops to add a slight American twist to the styles without compromising the German Beer Purity Law, Reinheitsgebot of 1516, and paying homage to this classic German style.

McAllister Maibock
Bock - Single / Traditional

McAllister Maibock Bock - Single / Traditional