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The Sudz Capacitor

Mike has developed a new process for creating lactose-free flavored beers on demand, called the Sudz Capacitor. This cutting-edge technology allows the brewing team to infuse a wide variety of flavors into their beers, without the use of lactose, a common ingredient in many flavored beers. The Sudz Capacitor is a proprietary system that utilizes a combination of pressure, temperature, and time to infuse flavors into the beer. 

One of the benefits of the Sudz Capacitor is that it allows McAllister's Brewing Co. to create lactose-free beers, which is perfect for those who are lactose intolerant or prefer to avoid lactose in their diet. This opens up a whole new market for the brewery and allows more people to enjoy their beers. The Sudz Capacitor is also environmentally friendly as it reduces the need for additional ingredients and packaging, which means less waste and a more sustainable brewing process.

McAllister's Brewing Company has been experimenting with different flavors and combinations to create some truly unique and delicious beers. They have created a wide range of beers to include dessert style milkshake IPAs, Stouts and Sours. These beers are perfect for any occasion and are sure to please any beer lover.

The Sudz Capacitor has also proven to be a hit with the public, with many customers praising the unique flavors and lactose-free options. McAllister's Brewing Company has been receiving requests for more lactose-free beer options and the Sudz Capacitor has enabled them to meet this demand.

To showcase the new flavored beers, McAllister's Brewing Company has installed a new and specialized tap system in the bar. This new tap system is designed to showcase the wide range of beers created using the Sudz Capacitor.  This tap system also allows customers to sample different beers before committing to a full pint. The multitude of flavoring and variety leads to a unique taste journey.

The new tap system is also designed to be easy to use and maintain, making it the perfect addition to any bar. 


Be sure to try a Sudz Capacitor Beer at your next visit to the brewery. Your taste buds won't be disappointed!  

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