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It'd Be Really Cool If You Signed This Petition To Legalize Shipping Alcohol Through The USPS

By Breweries In PA - July 21, 2022

With the rise in statewide beer delivery, you’d think sending beer through the mail would be an easy process. But you would be wrong. Did you know it is illegal to ship alcohol through the United States Postal Service?

And this is the federal government we are talking about. It’s not going around a private company’s rules. Instead, it is a federal law you’d be breaking by doing so.

However, that could all be changing. Last year a bill was introduced named The USPS Shipping Equity Act which would make shipping alcohol through the U.S. Postal Service legal to licensed producers (breweries, distilleries, wineries, etc).

So how can you turn this bill into law? The team at the Brewers Association has put together a petition that you can complete to urge your local representatives to pass this. Click below to sign the petition and make it easier to get beer right to your front step.

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