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Deer Lake Pub and McAllister Brewing Company form new partnership

What do you get when you cross a restaurateur, a police officer, an army combat veteran and a nurse? You get McAllister Brewing at the Deer Lake Pub.

The Deer Lake Pub recently announced it is joining forces with McAllister Brewing Company of North Wales. McAllister Brewing Company, established in 2018, is the creation of Mike McAllister, a police officer, his wife, Kate, a nurse and their friend Seth Montz of Schuylkill County, a member of the Army Reserve who served in the Special Ops Task Force and is currently employed as a financial adviser.

Looking for a second location, the trio traveled to Montz’s home turf, seeing an opportunity to grow the craft beer offerings in the area. Montz turned to his longtime friend, Brian Romeo, owner of the Deer Lake Pub on Route 61 in Deer Lake, for advice.

It was kismet.

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