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How's the CNFT Market, COTAS, Non-Fungible Devils, Stank Ape Bar Token, BCRC x Piece Hotel and MORE!

By BossFace Crypto, March 17, 2023

Ep.23 Updates on the Cardano NFT market and more. This video is to help provide info, uplift the Cardano community, and as well as onboard newcomers or people who are interested in Cardano (ADA) crypto/nfts but don't nowhere to go or don't have the time. Peace, Love, And Prosperity.

Major thanks and gratitude to every one of you supporting this channel! *If you enjoyed this video be sure to Like, Comment, Subscribe, and Share Follow my Twitter: @IGotAssets (Bo$$Face Crypto) TicToc: @bossfacecrypto Cardano Compatible Wallets: Nami (desktop only) Eternl (desktop and mobile) Yoroi (desktop and mobile) Daedalus (Desktop) Flint (Desktop and Mobile) Ledger (Cold Storage Wallet)

NFT Market Place:

I buy Cardano (ADA) Crypto at

This video or anything here is not financial Advice be diligent and always DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH

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