Signature Cocktails

Not a beer drinker? That's ok... Are you looking for that perfect drink? Look no further than our hand-crafted cocktails. We use Pennsylvania-based liquors and ingredients, which guarantee we can get it just right every time!


Pennsylvania Sourced Liquors

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1oz Faber Vodka

First Love Brown Ale

Bloody Mary Mix

2 Olives

1 Pickle

1 Lemon Wedge Garnish

12oz Cocktail Glass

Traditional Bloody Mary with a splash of our own First Love Brown Ale garnished with a pickle, 2 olives, and lemon wedge. 

The McAllister Mary

PA - Faber Vodka

Bloody Mary.jpg

1oz Faber Gin

Cranberry Juice

Orange Juice


1 Lime Garnish

16oz Pint Glass

PA Gin with cranberry & OJ, topped with a splash of Tonic with a lime garnish.

Cranberry Gin & Tonic
PA - Faber Gin

Cocktail 5.jpg

1oz Faber Gin

Lime Juice

Simple Syrup

Lime Garnish

10oz Wine Glass

PA Gin combined with simple syrup & lime juice, shaken and served with a lime garnish.

PA - Faber Gin


1oz Faber Vodka

1oz Faber Amaretto

Orange Juice

Cranberry Juice

1 Lime Garnish

12oz Mug

PA Vodka & PA Amaretto shaken with orange & cranberry juice with a lime garnish. 

Amaretto Cranberry Kiss
PA - Faber Vodka & Amaretto

Cocktail 2.jpg

1oz Boardroom Whiskey

Lemon Juice

Orange Juice


1 Cherry Garnish

16oz Pint Glass

PA Whiskey with a splash of lemon & orange juice topped with Sprite & Cherry garnish.

Whiskey Sour
PA - Faber Whiskey


1oz Faber Rum or Vodka

Splash of Grenadine

Ginger Ale

2 Maraschino Cherry Garnish

16oz Pint Glass

Your choice of PA Rum or Vodka, ginger ale, grenadine & a maraschino cherry garnish. 

Dirty Shirley
PA - Faber Rum or Vodka

Cocktail 4.jpg

1oz Faber Tequila

Orange Juice


1 Orange Garnish

10oz Cocktail Glass

PA Tequila shaken with OJ, topped with a dash of grenadine, served over ice with an orange garnish.

Tequila Sunrise
PA - Faber Tequila

Tequila Sunrise.jpg