The McAllister Brewing Company was born from the love of three people, and has grown from small beginnings to become the go-to brewery in North Wales, PA.
A shared passion for craft beer drew Mike McAllister, Kate McAllister, and Seth Montz together to form the McAllister Brewing Company. The common goal of providing quality local beer to their community still drives them to this day - no matter what, the company will provide the highest quality product, in a friendly and unique atmosphere, with the goal of creating long and lasting bonds with our community.
While on their honeymoon at the Great American Beer Festival, police officer Mike and nurse Kate McAllister knew it was time to take their long-time love of craft beer and turn it into the motivation to start their own brewery.
Mike (our Brew Master) has now been brewing beer for over 10 years, and started with 5-gallon batches on his parents’ porch. These batches were made at the request of his college friends who asked him to brew specific beers for them. Always up for a challenge, Mike accepted their requests and has been brewing specialty beers ever since.
Kate (our Head of Operations) has a long history working in the service industry.  She understands just how important customers are and is always ready to serve them. She also knows how important great employees are, and that if you treat them well, they’ll look after your customers too. Her introduction to craft beer was as a child, and she has fond memories of helping her father brew small batches of beer in their kitchen. 
Seth (our Distribution Manager) was a classmate of Mike during his college years, and their joint love of playing rugby led to many memorable days. Seth became a soldier and during his military career had extensive experience in marketing and finance. He’s been an avid small batch beer brewer for the better half of a decade, and when the opportunity arose, he was happy to join the McAllister Brewing Company.
This long-lasting friendship allows each of the three to let their true passions to shine through, and you can taste the difference when you try our North Wales craft beer for yourself.
If you’re in the area, why don’t you come down and have a drink or two? We’d be happy to welcome you!


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